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Thursday 22 January 2009


Recently I was trying to install a virtual Solaris 9 container on a virtual Solaris 10 ldom. A former colleague had set up all the ldoms so this was the first time I had tried to put Solaris 9 inside one.
When I entered the command

"Create -t SUNWsolaris9"

I was getting an error of SUNWsolaris9 not found. I searched for this and could find little on the internet other than the exact line above in an installation guide. Through some more research and a little help I learned that I had to install the Solaris 9 container packages. I had assumed this to be done.

If you are trying to install a Solaris 9 zone inside an ldom, make sure you install called s9containers-1_0-rr-solaris10-sparc.tar.gz on the Solaris 10 ldom. If you are using Solaris 10/08, you will need version 1.0.1 of the same package.

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