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Friday 30 January 2009

Use SC prompt Sun4v Alom

This one annoyed me. The Sun4V architecture no longer seems to use ALOM. There is now ILOM.

I am new to ILOM and it is a whole new set of commands and it looks differenet ( -> instead of SC>). Through a bit of reading, I found it is possible to get SC> back but you must set up a specific account. Here is how I did it.

Log in to ILOM as root and follow these steps:

-> create /SP/users/admin
ILOM should ask for a password
-> set /SP/users/admin role=Administrator
-> set /SP/users/admin cli_mode=alom

The second line sets the admin user's role as Administrator, the third line sets
the cli_mode to admin

Once this is done, log out and log in as as your new admin user and you'll see the
familiar SC> prompt

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