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Wednesday 25 March 2009

ERROR: bpgetfile unable to access network - jumpstart

I have recently been installing Solaris 10 on a virtualisaed environment on a Sun T5240

I have noticed with each install, I get a similar error that I can't pass

{0} ok boot net - install
Boot device: /virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/network@0 File and args: - install
Requesting Internet Address for 0:14:4f:fb:fb:f3
SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_120011-14 64-bit
Copyright 1983-2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.
whoami: no domain name
WARNING: ncp0: unable to determine ncp (cpu) binding (ncp)
Configuring devices.
WARNING: ncp0: unable to determine ncp (cpu) binding (ncp)
Using RPC Bootparams for network configuration information.
Attempting to configure interface vnet0...
Configured interface vnet0
ERROR: bpgetfile unable to access network
/sbin/install-discovery: information: not found

The install sits at the # prompt at this point. I typed 'exit' here, expecting it to error out and found it continues the install, I have done two machines this way and both work properly


  1. thanks a lot Paul, you saved my hours

  2. Got the same prob. net booting an E450 from Fedora, and the same solution worked like a charm, cheers Paul.

  3. Thankssssss its Working...................

  4. I had the same problem.
    I solved it by forcing the speed/duplex at boot:
    boot net:speed=100,duplex=full - install

  5. Usually it means you're installing Solaris in a classless network.:-)
    Try to make an alias with classful broadcast on bootparam/install server like this (presume you are using 192.168.0/25 network):
    ifconfig eth4\:1 inet some-other-ip broadcast (linux like)
    ifconfig addif inet some-other-ip broadcast
    It used to help me.

  6. Many thanks, you also saved hours,,


  7. I owe you a beer! Seriously .. Thanks a lot for this tip.

    I've tried lot's of stuff but this didn't cross my mind.


  8. Thanks Titan! you are the one!