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Tuesday 16 February 2010

Firefox URL bar does not auto-complete in Ubuntu

I've noticed lately that if Ubuntu goes in screen-saver, when I go back to it, the URL bar auto-complete stops working. If you minimize Firefox and the restore to original size, it will work again.

I'm not sure what causes this to happen so if anyone knows, please pass it on.

Friday 8 January 2010

Can not start Symantec Backup Exec after upgrade

Recently I upgraded symantec backup exec 10.1 5629 to the latest version (SP4). Since then I was unable to start the backup exec service, I was getting the error

"faulting application bengine.exe, version 10.1.5629.44, faulting module nt.dll"

I tried a few
things to fix this including:

Start -> run -> 'DCOMCNFG', expand component services, computers. Right click 'My computer' -> properties, Com Security and adding the admin account back but this didn't work.

While trying to start the service, I noticed and option "Service credentials". I put in all the existing details (same admin account, same password, same domain) and clicked save.

After doing this and entering all details in any Symantec popups, the services all started.